Comparison of Facebook Messenger platforms: Chatfuel and ManyChat

There are many platforms enabling to create Facebook Messenger experiences. In this article, we’ll focus on comparing the two market leaders: ManyChat and ChatFuel.


ManyChat (

Many Chat is most likely the most talked-about platform when it comes to Facebook Messenger Marketing. There are good reasons for that.


ManyChat comes with loads of features:

  • Live Messenger Chat
  • Auto-replies (these are the “chat-bot” functionalities of Facebook Messenger)
  • Broadcast Messages (sending messages to all or part of your subscribers)
  • Growth tools (buttons and pop-ups you can include in your website in order to take users to Messenger)
  • Drip sequences (you can send a sequence of messages after users follow your account, such as a course)

All of that comes into a beautiful, user-friendly interface:

Why do you need a third-party tool?

It is completely possible to use Facebook Messenger without leveraging any third-party tool. Messenger has its own API, and if you’re a developer or are working with developers, you can directly integrate to it.

This is, however, a lot of work. ManyChat and Chatfuel have many off-the-shelf features that you can use right away. If you’re just getting started, I would recommend to first use these platforms until you’re familiar with their capabilities, and then consider building your own piece of code.